Beeswax Candle

Beeswax Candle

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Burns for 25hrs.

One of the biggest benefits of beeswax candles is that it burns and combats indoor air pollution by releasing negative ions into the air, refreshing it with its sweet honey scent 


Meditation: Cederwood + Balsam is a calming woody scent blended from 100% essential oils. This inspiring aroma promotes a clear mind and inner peace. The union of pure essential oils and natural beeswax offers healthful properties from both plant and hive.


Awaken: Grapefruit + Spruce is an exhilarating woodsy scent blended from 100% essential oils. This energizing blend will enliven your senses and refresh your mind.


Spice: Cinnamon + Orange is an uplifting, exotic scent blended from essential oils of Cinnamon, Orange, and Clove Bud.


Rejuvination: Sweet Orange + Clove Bud is a spicy and uplifting scent. This invigorating medley revives and restores inner strength.




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