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"What you think of as beautiful is established at a young age, like when you are a child and develop your taste for certain food," says clothing designer Sunhee Moon, about her self-titled collection conceptualized and constructed out of San Francisco, California.

Sunhee graduated from the University of California at Berkley in 1991 and continued her education by studying Art History in Italy, and traveling throughout India and Asia. She began her clothing line when the department store Barneys, New York gave her an advance that allowed her to produce her fall collection. Her clothing line is influenced by the 1950's as an era when, "The Women were flawless, the men were dashing, and everyone wore clothes that looked tailor made."

Classic cuts and innovative fabrics are a crucial part of Sunhee's designing process. The material incorporates stretch, comfort, and durability, fabrics such as combed jersey and man-made suede. Sunhee explains: "Fit, is really important to me and styling is really important as well, but I'm more the type to take away, than to put in. I believe in stripping things away, so that the silhouettes are linear and clean, and the designs very subtle."

The fabric that Sunhee uses is, "timeless and unique. I always try to use fabric with give, because we're not all shaped the same way. When you have fabric that can shape to a body, people can move in it and that is very important to me." The designer is energized by exquisite cuts, sumptuous fabrics, precise fit, and the refinement of construction.

The most important thing to Sunhee is to feel content with your body. "The redeeming value of fashion is about self-esteem. Making clothes is not a big contribution to mankind. But I feel that if you can walk out the door with confidence in what you are wearing, it's all worthwhile."